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Editorial & News

Wesley T. Ward, the former Conservation Director, Trustees of Reservations, Massachusetts, argues that new plans by President Trump could eviscerate Theodore Roosevelt’s ground-breaking Antiquities Act of 1906.


Remembering a Great Soul

Jill Sinclair reviews some of the many memorials created in the 70 years since the assassination of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi – the founder of the Indian nation.

Optimist & Pessimist

In this section we bring you some good and bad news from around the world. If you have news of developments to share, please do get in touch.


Garden and Book Reviews

In-depth book reviews are now to be found in the four newsletters that subscribers receive each year. However, you can still read about some of the best recent books in the magazine.


Politics and Pleasure

Hillsborough Castle is where the British royal family and dignitaries stay when visiting Northern Ireland. A redesign of the gardens presented its own challenges to landscape architect, Mark Lutyens.

Saving Muromtsevo

The manor of Muromtsevo with its park and gardens was one of the largest complexes established in the Russian Empire during the last years of its existence. After years of neglect, the garden's prospects again look bright.

Bathed in Beauty

In 2006, the Portuguese Association of Historical Gardens and Sites was awarded a European grant of €1 million, which allowed them to improve ancient hydraulic structures in a dozen historic gardens.

Growing Green Fingers

Idealistic ideas of children’s gardening continue to charm us, as they did the Victorians. But, as Linden Groves argues, such rose-tinted views are not always matched by reality.

Flying Visits

Lynne Walker was impressed by the variety and high standards of New Zealand gardens when she led a group of Australian gardeners back to the island of her birth.


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