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Here's a taster of what's to come in issue 41 of Historic Gardens Review . . .


Editorial & News

Each edition of the magazine has a Viewpoint column in which issues of the day are discussed, often by a guest contributor.



The Forbidden City

Richard Mawrey reviews the gardens of the Forbidden City, which marks its 600th anniversay this year.


Optimist & Pessimist

In this section we bring you some good and bad news from around the world. If you have news of developments to share, please doget in touch.


Garden and Book Reviews

Book reviews can now be found in the four annual newsletters. However, you can still read about the best recent publications in the magazine.

In this issue, Jenny Randall reviews the gardens of Ohinetahi in New Zealand



Tall Timber: Creating the Arboreta of Poverty Bay

In New Zealand, where most native trees are evergreen, the contrast between two historic arboreta and the native bush is breathtaking.


The View from Above

Cutting-edge drone technology is being brought into service to aid in the conservation of historic landscapes.

Gardening Among the Ruins

Nick Chibnall pays a visit to the legendary Farnese Gardens in Rome, where a rare pair of aviaries were reopened to the public in 2018 for the first time in 30 years.

Flying Visits

Gillian Mawrey takes a trip along the Loire Valley.



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