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The Historic Gardens Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation set up in 1995. We now have a wide network of subscribers linking garden enthusiasts, visitors, owners, professional gardeners, landscape architects, historians, planners and botanists in forty countries.

Through our magazine, newsletter and website we are able to share news, views, alerts and ideas with like-minded people determined to protect our global garden heritage. We can also lobby those responsible for putting a park or garden at risk.

The Foundation receives no public funding and so is completely independent. It is based in London but works worldwide.

Subscribers can receive help for their own campaigns by tapping into our interactive global network.

Historic Gardens Review is only available by subscription.

Please subscribe to join our network and help us to support historic parks and gardens across the world.

Trustees of the Historic Gardens Foundation:

Chairman: Gillian Mawrey

  • Eleanor Mawrey
  • Richard Mawrey QC
  • Jill Sinclair
  • Dr Gabriel Wick
  • Graham Ziegler
  • Simon Scott
The Historic Gardens Foundation is a registered UK charity number 1044723

We are based at:

Historic Gardens Foundation
34 River Court
Upper Ground
London SE1 9PE

Tel: +44 (0)20 7633 9165
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