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A Global Perspective on Garden Heritage

HISTORIC GARDENS REVIEW is the journal of the Historic Gardens Foundation. Through the Review we work to bring together lovers of historic parks and gardens across the world. It provides a portal for the views of enthusiasts, campaigners and professionals alike and is a leading voice in championing the cause of our garden heritage.

Through feature articles and frank commentary on the experiences of garden visitors, we promote high standards of conservation, celebrate successful restorations and campaign on behalf of sites that are threatened by development or neglect.


What Do We Cover?

We cover historic parks, gardens and designed landscapes worldwide. Every country has a garden heritage and we aim to celebrate it. Alongside articles on famous gardens, we also specialise in finding the out-of-the-way garden, often in a country that may not realise that it even has a garden heritage. All aspects are covered: the history of gardens and their creators, modern restorations and modern disasters, the challenges of maintaining and presenting gardens and the views and controversies of professionals and amateurs alike.

Historic Gardens Review

The magazine comes out twice a year and, between issues, subscribers are kept up to date with e-newsletters packed with news, events and book reviews.

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Each issue contains

  • Viewpoint
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  • Anniversary
  • Optimist (the good news)
  • Pessimist (the bad news)
  • Book reviews
  • Garden review
  • Flying visits

From the September 2020 issue

The View from Above

Cutting-edge drone technology is being brought into service to aid in the surveying and conservation of historic landscapes.

By Mike Calnan
Small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones, are being rapidly integrated into our daily lives in ways we could never have imagined even a few years ago. From delivering medicines to remote rural communities to airborne forest reseeding and creating dramatic aerial footage on TV, drones are becoming central to our technological age.
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From the September 2020 issue

The Forbidden City

October 2020 marked the sexcentenary of the world’s most visited tourist site.

By Richard Mawrey

To Westerners there are few more names evocative of the mystery of the East than the Forbidden City. It conjures up an image of a majestic and inscrutable Emperor wearing sumptuous robes of silk and damask, surrounded by eunuchs and concubines, administering a vast empire through obsequious mandarins while poets, painters and calligraphists seek to whet his jaded cultural palate. Yet the Forbidden City was as much a purpose-built seat of government as later Western palaces such as Versailles.

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   Appreciate Your Campus Award 

We are delighted to announce the Historic Gardens Foundation ‘Appreciate Your Campus’ Award 2021 with a prize of £10,000. The aim is to encourage universities to raise awareness of their campuses among all who work there, particularly students, by circulating information about the history of the campus and its design, and its content in terms of trees, flowers and biodiversity.
   The Award is open to any University, College within a University or College of Further Education in the United Kingdom.
   Entries could be printed leaflets, short promotional videos, an app, or campus events, such as guided walks by gardeners, historians or biologists. The aim is to inspire everyone on campus to engage with the landscape around them. For 2021 ‘Appreciate Your Campus’ will be run in the UK only but in future years the HGF plans to launch the scheme internationally.
   For details of the Award look at our Entry Information. An application form can be downloaded here. For any further information please contact

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